Friday, 20 January 2012

When I'm Uguu

I got nostalgic of Oblivion after playing and getting bored of Skyrim. So I spent the last 3 days making this little video. I have really only very basic knowledge of video editing due to my 6 month introduction class in multimedia school 7 years ago. So I basically spent a day trying to remember what do what and how things work, and spent 2 other days taking screenshots and creating that video.

I called it When I'm Uguu. Because the race is a modified Lavender Uguu made by Eiries and Honey Vanity and it's based off of a video named When I'm bored.

Skyrim Construction Kit is comming out next week along with Patch 1.4. I will definitely try it out since I enjoy modding TES games more than playing them. I will obviously post whatever I make here.