Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sylvari in Oblivion

 I wanted to test texturing characters in Oblivion. And so, I got the idea of making a Sylvari. The race is actually a Lop-ear elf with HGEC body mesh. All i did was to edit the texture file using Photoshop To make it fit my character.

Even if I've got a few requests to release it, I don't plan to. The skin texture do not fit on different face and body. Everything was built on this particular character. Also, The texture is very amateurish as I don't know how to do UV Mapping. So I just edited an existing texture and tried my best to reduce seams to the minimum.The character itself is also very much edited and relies on about 5 different mods.

You can get the mod here:

I don't use this character anymore. I never really did either. I played for the time I was creating her. Then I used her for taking a few screenshots and now that's all she is, screenshots.

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