Saturday, 7 April 2012

Archer outfit Mash-up

I don't usually do armor mash-up because if I don't have a precise idea of what I want, I never get anything done because I change idea every time I open a new model to gather parts. For this one, I had a pretty good idea of the look I wanted to achieve and knew every pieces I would use beforehand.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Q-Ta's Pre-war Outfit

If I remember correctly, it was someone in Oblivion General who asked to port this outfit from Fallout to Oblivion. I liked this outfit and I know quite a few other people also liked it so I didn't hesitate to port it.
This was one of my test port for Skyrim too. It was something like the second or third outfit I brought in game without proper weight and skeleton. As a result, boots weren't following the body and legs were clipping through shorts and socks and because of crazy Skyrim skeleton position, the upper arms were clipping though the body.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Shield of Waifu

I had this idea right when I've seen city guard shields in skyrim because I always adored those chibi waifu made by HoneyVanity and I thought they would fit perfectly on those flat round shields. unfortunately, I kept postponing or forgetting about it. Untill yesterday morning. I had bsa exractor open so I took the opportinuty to extract shields model and textures and get to work. After posting a screenshot on TES General thread, rustylampsh4de suggested I make it look more worn out in chat. It was already in my idea to use the default alpha channel that make the decal seems damaged, but when I worked on it yesterday morning I was kinda in a hurry, so I just painted a white circle. I didn't think about adding actual scratches though and thanks to him, it turned out pretty good. I now prefer this worn out version.

Apple of Archer

I liked my Apple of archer in Oblivion. I used to wear it most of the time. So I wanted one in Skyrim too. When I tried to make it a few months ago, nothing worked. I used to have so many problem porting anything in Skyrim. I trained with a vanilla outfit that I only modified a bit in Blender. Managing to re-weight parts of it and then export it helped me a lot and I also finally realized that it wasn't much harder than in Oblivion. My biggest issue was not understanding skin partitions and what were they used for.

Barrel Outfit

I'm not quite sure how it all started, but some people were posting screenshots of barrel in TES Generals. Then more people posted barrels and most agreed that they were fine barrels. Izzy then said I should try making a barrel outfit and I thought it was a great Idea. My first attempt was to make a simple dress with a barrel but I soon realized that it wouldn't work so well because there's no surface detection on clothes and armor in Skyrim. The arms would be clipping in and out all the time and there wasn't even a way to place the barrel high and wide enough to cover the bust without having both arms already clipping through it. I then decided I should hide the whole body except from arms and legs. This looked pretty good in Blender and Nifskope but again, arms were inside the barrel most of the time and were only showing when running, attacking or jumping. So I decided to just cut everything from the body except the legs.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


After many suggestions (two) and a long 5 seconds of thinking, I decided to keep all my mods on this blog instead of separating them into two. I deleted the other one. I couldn't even find a good name for it and there was only one post anyway so no harm done.

I finally managed to import stuff in Skyrim with only Blender and Nifskope. Thanks to Bagserk who helped me with many problems. Without him, I'd still be depressing. This is a very good thing for me because, unlike so many people, I find Blender to be a much easier tool to use than 3dsmax. Pajamas were the first thing I wanted to import because we had some kind of a joke before Skyrim launch about making a loli with a cute dragon pajamas to brave the cold Skyrim nights.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Sakkat for Oblivion

I made a conical rice hat for Skyrim yesterday. But since I still cannot manage to get anything to work in that game, I decided to make it for Oblivion instead. I named it Sakkat because Ragnarok Online had a similar hat with that name and I think it's better than "Conical Rice Hat". It is on right ring slot, so you keep your hair when wearing it. Depending of your hair style, they might go through as seen in the image below. I fitted the hat to be fitted on Head06 head because I think this is one of the most used one. The strap may look a bit loose on different head such a Ren's.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

A few late mods

There's a few mods I never released here for some reason or others. I decided that now since Creation Kit was out for Skyrim and I might spend most of my free time trying to make mod for it now, maybe I should go ahead and finally post them here. I also created a new blog which I will use to post mods I make for Skyrim. This way there will be less confusion.

Friday, 20 January 2012

When I'm Uguu

I got nostalgic of Oblivion after playing and getting bored of Skyrim. So I spent the last 3 days making this little video. I have really only very basic knowledge of video editing due to my 6 month introduction class in multimedia school 7 years ago. So I basically spent a day trying to remember what do what and how things work, and spent 2 other days taking screenshots and creating that video.

I called it When I'm Uguu. Because the race is a modified Lavender Uguu made by Eiries and Honey Vanity and it's based off of a video named When I'm bored.

Skyrim Construction Kit is comming out next week along with Patch 1.4. I will definitely try it out since I enjoy modding TES games more than playing them. I will obviously post whatever I make here.