Saturday, 10 March 2012

Q-Ta's Pre-war Outfit

If I remember correctly, it was someone in Oblivion General who asked to port this outfit from Fallout to Oblivion. I liked this outfit and I know quite a few other people also liked it so I didn't hesitate to port it.
This was one of my test port for Skyrim too. It was something like the second or third outfit I brought in game without proper weight and skeleton. As a result, boots weren't following the body and legs were clipping through shorts and socks and because of crazy Skyrim skeleton position, the upper arms were clipping though the body.

A few days ago, people were posting old Oblivion screenshots and Mai mentioned that we should bring this outfit into Skyrim so I started working on it again. This time around I even took extra care to position upper arms so they don't clip. This wasn't really hard since on Fallout skeleton, arms are almost in same position as Skyrim skeleton. Even if I never really used it in game, I ported the harness accessory because it's part of the outfit and maybe some people want it.

You can use additem command to make it in game.
help pre-war 4

Pre-war outfit             -  xx000D64
Pre-war outfit Black     -  xx000D65
Pre-war Acc                -  xx000D67
Pre-war Acc (B)           -  xx0012CB

Download: QTA_PrewarOutfit.7z

Special thank to Q-Ta for this awesome outfit.


  1. Oh yeah, thank you Hai! <3

  2. Unrelated, but I wanna make sure you see it!


  3. What are those two x at the begining?
    How do you find out what they are?

  4. They are your load order ID. If you open console and type help pre-war you will see the full ID. Mod managers also usually have the 2 digits right next to the ESP.