Sunday, 4 March 2012

Shield of Waifu

I had this idea right when I've seen city guard shields in skyrim because I always adored those chibi waifu made by HoneyVanity and I thought they would fit perfectly on those flat round shields. unfortunately, I kept postponing or forgetting about it. Untill yesterday morning. I had bsa exractor open so I took the opportinuty to extract shields model and textures and get to work. After posting a screenshot on TES General thread, rustylampsh4de suggested I make it look more worn out in chat. It was already in my idea to use the default alpha channel that make the decal seems damaged, but when I worked on it yesterday morning I was kinda in a hurry, so I just painted a white circle. I didn't think about adding actual scratches though and thanks to him, it turned out pretty good. I now prefer this worn out version.

I used Daedric shield as a template in CK for this one so people can use it at high level. I wanted to give it a special enchantment that gave a block bonus against trolls, but I don't really understand the condition window, so I settled down for a constant Block bonus of 25.

I added both version, clean and worn out.

To get them, use console and type:
help waifu 4

then use additem command with their ID

Shield of Waifu              - xx000d63
Shield of Waifu (Clean)  - xx000d67

You can download it here: WaifuShields.7z

Make sure you go give kudos to HV here, This shield wouldn't exist without her chibi waifus.

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