Thursday, 8 March 2012

Model Training Hat

One of the suggestion I got from Apple of Archer comment page on nexus was to make the Model Training Hat. I thought it would be an easy hat to make but I was wrong. It wasn't necessarily very hard, but It wasn't just as easy as putting a book and an apple together. Since we can open books in game, their mesh is a bit more complex than just a static item. Finally, I found a static book named Dummy book in BSA. UV was very weird though, I think it was never actually textured. So I put all needed textures into one file and applied them on it with my weak UV mapping skills. I also created a small page holder to make it closer to the original.

In Ragnarok, this hat gave DEX+2 to its wearer. Since it's impossible to do in TES and since I think this is a more fitting hat for a magicka based class, I gave it Magicka+50 and Bow Damage +10%. You can find it on a table in Whiterhold Arcanaenum. I created two of them again. So there's also an unenchanted one which is craft-able at a smiting forge. You can create it with 1 Red Apple and 1 Book on Troll Slaying.

To create it in game, open console with ` and type
help training 4
Then use additem command with their ID

Model Training Hat     - xx000d63
Model training Hat (E) - xx0012C9

You can download it here:

I didn't upload this one on nexus because I plan of making more and will try to make them all into 1 mod with quests to acquire them.
I decided to upload it on Nexus after all. Even better, I got permission from Brumbek to use his Apple from SMIM. This new version also have a small leaf and a mini fruit worm.

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  1. Haha thank you very much. This is adorable!