Thursday, 10 November 2011

Swords Of Urukathek

Sometime I like taking request from people. So I decided to help someone with a request on nexus forum. He wanted someone to help convert CorvaenOboros' Swords Of Urukathek from Dragon Age to Oblivion. While not very complicated, there was a dagger and I had no idea of what size it should have been. I scaled it to what seemed fine, considering everything In Dragon Age is over sized and that dagger looked more like a sword. When I first uploaded it, He found the dagger to be a little too small. So even if I was tired and wanted to be in my bed, I decided to not let him down and make a bigger one. I imported Throttlekity Rapier and scaled the sword to same size. But now it was too big and he asked if I could make a medium one, which I did. I hope he likes it! For the Greatsword, I just used one of the DA:O greatsword I converted a few days ago for size.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Easy mod, small post. This was fairly easy since making weapons, except for bows, is surprisingly easy. The mod contain a few Great swords from DA:O and 2 Stave, a Great sword and a great axe from DA2.
All the sword and the axe use Ebony weapons as template. Staves use Staff of Healer and staff of Thunderbolt as template.

They are in a crate in testinghall:

You can download the file here: DAWeapons.7z


Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sebastian Armor

Another port from DA2. This time, Sebastians armor. I actually started with his armor before I worked on chantry Seeker, and wasn't really thinking about releasing it. I was only casually fitting it simply because I had it and though it looked good. Then I thought about how many time I've heard some people say there isn't enough male armors so I decided to post it anyway. I had to work a bit more on it though because it was stretching and clipping in all sort of way. There were also many texture that were flipped inside-out so I took extra time to flip them all in their right direction.