Thursday, 10 November 2011

Swords Of Urukathek

Sometime I like taking request from people. So I decided to help someone with a request on nexus forum. He wanted someone to help convert CorvaenOboros' Swords Of Urukathek from Dragon Age to Oblivion. While not very complicated, there was a dagger and I had no idea of what size it should have been. I scaled it to what seemed fine, considering everything In Dragon Age is over sized and that dagger looked more like a sword. When I first uploaded it, He found the dagger to be a little too small. So even if I was tired and wanted to be in my bed, I decided to not let him down and make a bigger one. I imported Throttlekity Rapier and scaled the sword to same size. But now it was too big and he asked if I could make a medium one, which I did. I hope he likes it! For the Greatsword, I just used one of the DA:O greatsword I converted a few days ago for size.

In the thread there was someone who told me I should make better collision box and have one for the blade part and one for handle.  I've seen a few tutorial about making weapons and all of them were saying to copy collision boxes from other weapons. There was only one, which was on youtube I think, that was showing how to actually make a collision box and I've been using this technique ever since. I tried making a more complex collision box from cube and cylinder for blade and handle. The result was disatrous. While everything looked fine, when I dropped them on the ground, I sunk into the ground, Just like if I divided by zero.
I decided to use only one and keep my easy and effective way of doing it. I think the only thing bad with how I do it is that you cannot place them easily on display. But there are mod for that.

Anyway, I added them in a chest in testinghall. See image to know where.

You can download them here, Make sure you get and install both files.
Main file: SwordOFUrukathek_2.7z
Update and fix: SwordsofUrukathek_Update.7z

There's one Great Urukathek and 3 different Serpentine Elukana. A dagger, One Hand blade and Two hand blade. They all use Ebony weapons for stats.


  1. Hello,
    I visit your blog often and always forget to thank you for your work.
    I love in particular your race mod.

  2. Jesus, all my dreams. Hai, you just made my day.

  3. Augh! I wish I still played Oblivion now! That game would almost never crash on me! While admittedly it has nowhere near as much stuff as skyrim nowadays, it is always worth it to look into what people are still making.