Tuesday, 28 February 2012


After many suggestions (two) and a long 5 seconds of thinking, I decided to keep all my mods on this blog instead of separating them into two. I deleted the other one. I couldn't even find a good name for it and there was only one post anyway so no harm done.

I finally managed to import stuff in Skyrim with only Blender and Nifskope. Thanks to Bagserk who helped me with many problems. Without him, I'd still be depressing. This is a very good thing for me because, unlike so many people, I find Blender to be a much easier tool to use than 3dsmax. Pajamas were the first thing I wanted to import because we had some kind of a joke before Skyrim launch about making a loli with a cute dragon pajamas to brave the cold Skyrim nights.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Sakkat for Oblivion

I made a conical rice hat for Skyrim yesterday. But since I still cannot manage to get anything to work in that game, I decided to make it for Oblivion instead. I named it Sakkat because Ragnarok Online had a similar hat with that name and I think it's better than "Conical Rice Hat". It is on right ring slot, so you keep your hair when wearing it. Depending of your hair style, they might go through as seen in the image below. I fitted the hat to be fitted on Head06 head because I think this is one of the most used one. The strap may look a bit loose on different head such a Ren's.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

A few late mods

There's a few mods I never released here for some reason or others. I decided that now since Creation Kit was out for Skyrim and I might spend most of my free time trying to make mod for it now, maybe I should go ahead and finally post them here. I also created a new blog which I will use to post mods I make for Skyrim. This way there will be less confusion.