Tuesday, 28 February 2012


After many suggestions (two) and a long 5 seconds of thinking, I decided to keep all my mods on this blog instead of separating them into two. I deleted the other one. I couldn't even find a good name for it and there was only one post anyway so no harm done.

I finally managed to import stuff in Skyrim with only Blender and Nifskope. Thanks to Bagserk who helped me with many problems. Without him, I'd still be depressing. This is a very good thing for me because, unlike so many people, I find Blender to be a much easier tool to use than 3dsmax. Pajamas were the first thing I wanted to import because we had some kind of a joke before Skyrim launch about making a loli with a cute dragon pajamas to brave the cold Skyrim nights.

I wanted bottom and top to be separated so I could mix and match without having to change textures manually every time. To do this I had to make bottom part loose and independent of body. This mean that they might no fit with whatever body you use until you wear a top along with them. I used a modified CBBE body that I found on http://skup.dip.jp so if you use an average CBBE body with weight slider to the left, they will most likely fit without clipping. Wearing the top will make your body change into the one I used. If you wear top only, your feet might not fit, unless again your weight slider are on the left most side. I didn't port hats for the simple reason that I never used them.

There's 18 of them and they are all in a barrel in Solitude around the market place.

You can download the file here: PajamasSK.7z

EDIT: When I first ported the pajamas, my version of Nifskope didn't show shader flags so I didn't know about double sided textures flag. Latest version show them so I updated all meshes to allow double sided textures on them. This mean the textures now show outside and inside.
You can download it here: Pajamas_MeshUpdate.7z

I hope you like them.
Thanks to Hepsy for those cute Pajamas. Oblivion, and now Skyrim, would have never be the same without them.


  1. これもかわいいなんだ、サンキュ ね。。。

  2. please, reupload this mod! big thanks =)

  3. Mega link doesn't work any more

  4. The file you are trying to download is no longer available.