Sunday, 4 March 2012

Barrel Outfit

I'm not quite sure how it all started, but some people were posting screenshots of barrel in TES Generals. Then more people posted barrels and most agreed that they were fine barrels. Izzy then said I should try making a barrel outfit and I thought it was a great Idea. My first attempt was to make a simple dress with a barrel but I soon realized that it wouldn't work so well because there's no surface detection on clothes and armor in Skyrim. The arms would be clipping in and out all the time and there wasn't even a way to place the barrel high and wide enough to cover the bust without having both arms already clipping through it. I then decided I should hide the whole body except from arms and legs. This looked pretty good in Blender and Nifskope but again, arms were inside the barrel most of the time and were only showing when running, attacking or jumping. So I decided to just cut everything from the body except the legs.

After uploading a first version on mediafire, people in chat suggested me to upload it on nexus. I hesitated a bit because I really don't like their very strict rules about permission and such. Then I thought that all I had to for this mod to be completely legal in their eyes was to change female legs with vanilla instead of CBBE. So I did that and uploaded on nexus. Even if mostly useless, the mod was a lot more popular than I imagined. After only a few minutes there were already around 20 favorable comments. What impressed me very much is when I looked back after a few hours I found there was  a page on and I later found out that mawdsey posted a very funny video showcasing my mod in nexus comment page.

Here's his video:

He show a bug I didn't notice. If you make kid equip it, they get their clothes off and their head disappear. It's probably isn't too hard to fix as an esp, but their feet wouldn't fit with the legs since kids use their own body.

You can download it here:
Feel free to add screenshots.

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