Sunday, 25 September 2011

Chaos Axes

I really like Guild Wars weapons and I think there's too few of them in Oblivion. People port and replicate items from many other games, but rarely from Guild Wars so I thought I could try doing some weapons. I'm currently slowly working on a hammer but I think I'm over doing the textures so I probably won't release it any time soon. Yesterday I felt like trying something easier first, Chaos axe. If you played Guild Wars, you either loved or hated that axe, loved because it looked shiny and was rare or hated because it looked shiny and was rare. Personally, I loved it but since I never played warrior or melee class that used axes, I never tried getting one. I had one once, I sold it even if it wasn't perfect.

I tried replicating their glow effect but since Oblivion do this in a very weird way, they cannot look exactly like in Guild Wars. Also, you absolutely need to have your HDR enabled to have them glow at all.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sheva's Fairytale

Sheva's fairytale is probably the most problematic thing I've every worked on for Oblivion so far. I tried so many things with the cape. If it wasn't stretching weirdly, it was staying straight independent of the arms or the rest of the body. I tried to paint it manually, which was disastrous. This was my first conversion from another game and I now realize that this isn't the easiest one either. Not only for the cape but also because of the insane amount of alpha (oblivion hate alpha) and the skirt being easily destroyed when weighted to the legs.

Friday, 9 September 2011

A small hat

I finally got XNALara working! Actually, my brother managed to make it work for me and it was so simple. In XNALara's requirements it said that XNA Framework 3.0 was needed. But since I tried to convert Sims hairs and the program to open Sims package files also require this framework, I already had XNA 3.1 installed. When it didn't work, I tried to upgrade to 4.0 because I thought a newer version would be better. Unfortunately, upgrading did not work either. Everytime I tried to open XNALara, It was closing itself right away. Even faster than when Oblivion crash on start. My brother came visit me Wednesday and he asked me if he could try to uninstall the 4.0 and install 3.0 instead since this is what the requirement asked for. And it worked! Just like that. I feel so stupid for not thinking of that.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Faivon Pose books

My Dsk Images are featured in Faivon pose books mod and it was finally uploaded on TESNexus today! I highly recommend it. I think Faivon did an excellent work with this and I find them to be super useful when looking for specific poses.

The mod includes books for:
- Chain it!
- CTAddPose DSK
- CTAddPose Gaff 01
- CTAddPose Gaff 02
- CTAddPose Gaz
- CTAddPose LE1
- CTAddPose LE2
- CTAddPose OTPair2
- CTAddPose Ryk
- CTAddPose SPB01
- CTAddPose SPB02
- CTAddPose Glock3
- Goma Pose 1 - 16
- Sexy Witch Pose
- Simple Pose


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Duelist of the Eastern Seas

As soon as Fizz released the DA2 Threads of the Eastern Seas outfit, I fell in love with it but I felt heartbroken between that new outfit and Tona's Air Lily. At first I thought about using parts of it and add them on Air Lily but there wasn't much I could do and actually didn't look quite like I had hoped. So I decided to do the opposite and put the breast plate of Air Lily over the DA2 armor.

I also added gloves from Tona's simple dress, harness from Ryk's Athol Brose and some hot pants from Yoko's outfit from fallout 3 since i didn't quite like the small panties. The actual outfit is fitted to TGND but it is unusable without the breast plate because I had to destroy part of it to make fit it under without clipping or making the plate too big. I still have a copy of the undestroyed DA2 outfit for TGND which I'll post when I fix some small clipping issue on it; Even though TGND isn't very popular.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sylvari Final

I created a Sylvari folder on my mediafire and instead of just transferring old files into it I thought it would be good to package a final version. Maybe someday I will edit her more but with Skyrim coming, I think I will probably work to bring her there first.

Into this final version I have included the Head06 version I made a few days ago. I did not add the Shivering Island Plugin like in the old one because I couldn't find what was causing the problem with it. It create two race in game, the original one and the one that use head06.

I've also taken the opportunity to change a few thing in the readme. I added quick explanation on how you can add more eyes and hairs to it and I modified the Usage Restriction to prohibit repackaging and the hosting or hot linking to it. Although it is nothing very restrictive and shouldn't affect you, with the recent issue of a certain website that I wont name here, I prefer not taking chances.