Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Faivon Pose books

My Dsk Images are featured in Faivon pose books mod and it was finally uploaded on TESNexus today! I highly recommend it. I think Faivon did an excellent work with this and I find them to be super useful when looking for specific poses.

The mod includes books for:
- Chain it!
- CTAddPose DSK
- CTAddPose Gaff 01
- CTAddPose Gaff 02
- CTAddPose Gaz
- CTAddPose LE1
- CTAddPose LE2
- CTAddPose OTPair2
- CTAddPose Ryk
- CTAddPose SPB01
- CTAddPose SPB02
- CTAddPose Glock3
- Goma Pose 1 - 16
- Sexy Witch Pose
- Simple Pose


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