Friday, 9 September 2011

A small hat

I finally got XNALara working! Actually, my brother managed to make it work for me and it was so simple. In XNALara's requirements it said that XNA Framework 3.0 was needed. But since I tried to convert Sims hairs and the program to open Sims package files also require this framework, I already had XNA 3.1 installed. When it didn't work, I tried to upgrade to 4.0 because I thought a newer version would be better. Unfortunately, upgrading did not work either. Everytime I tried to open XNALara, It was closing itself right away. Even faster than when Oblivion crash on start. My brother came visit me Wednesday and he asked me if he could try to uninstall the 4.0 and install 3.0 instead since this is what the requirement asked for. And it worked! Just like that. I feel so stupid for not thinking of that.

Being able to open XNALara means that I can open some models, export them into wavefront .obj and import them into Blender to convert them for Oblivion. Since I was exited I decided to try right away. I just wanted something simple so I decided to try with the Mad Hatter hat from Alice: Madness Returns. I really love this hat and I though it would be funny in oblivion. Of course it look a bit ridiculous but there's worst out there. If you go take a look on SHY Uploader or, you will find this hat almost lore friendly.

I've put the hat in a tiny bag on a small table in the Testing hall. To get there you will need to open the console with ` and type coc testinghall. There's four hats in the bag. Two for tail and 2 for amulet.


Download: AMR-Mad Hat.7z

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