Sunday, 25 September 2011

Chaos Axes

I really like Guild Wars weapons and I think there's too few of them in Oblivion. People port and replicate items from many other games, but rarely from Guild Wars so I thought I could try doing some weapons. I'm currently slowly working on a hammer but I think I'm over doing the textures so I probably won't release it any time soon. Yesterday I felt like trying something easier first, Chaos axe. If you played Guild Wars, you either loved or hated that axe, loved because it looked shiny and was rare or hated because it looked shiny and was rare. Personally, I loved it but since I never played warrior or melee class that used axes, I never tried getting one. I had one once, I sold it even if it wasn't perfect.

I tried replicating their glow effect but since Oblivion do this in a very weird way, they cannot look exactly like in Guild Wars. Also, you absolutely need to have your HDR enabled to have them glow at all.

In Oblivion, axe are blunt weapon for some reason. At least the few I checked in the CS were blunt. In Guild wars, axes are slashing weapons so I made those One Hand blade instead of One Hand Blunt.
You will need Blade skill instead of Blunt. Changing them would be pretty easy if your really need to. To do so, open the CS, go to File > Data, put a check mark next to Chaos Axes.esp and click Set as Active File, then click ok and go to Items > weapon in Object window. All the axes should be on top, double click each of them one by one and change OneHandBlade to OneHandBlunt. Save and exit. Voila!

I put them in a chest in the testinghall. You can see exactly where on this image:

You can download the file here: Chaos Axes.7z


  1. Hi Hai, I love everything you do with oblivion. I felt the need to type this though...

    The reason axes usually fall under the "blunt" section in description is because; Swords are a handle with a blade attached while Axes, maces, clubs and flails are all a shaft with usually a blunt or spiked weight attached to the end. Axes are one of those weapons that can be seen as either a bladed or a blunt object however the difference is in how you swing it. You swing an axe with the intent to cause alot of damage with whatever is attached to the end of it. A sword is all about each individual slash or thrust. While Axes are all about the force of each swing to chop into things, or cause blunt trauma in the case of a mace or flail.

    TL;DR Axes are classed as blunt weapons because they are esentially a club with a sharpened weight on the end.

    Love you Hai. Just wanted to share what i believe to be the reason Axes fall under "blunt" :3

  2. Makes sense. Arenanet probably made them do slash damage in GW for game mechanic reasons.

    Thank you.

  3. Yeah the way they handled damage reduction from armour is probably why. Also the hammers were all 2 handed if i remember while swords and axes allowed a shield.