Saturday, 29 October 2011

Seth Balmore's outfit

I know it's been a while I didn't post anything. I've been working on a lot of smaller, less important things which I will add here in another post later.

I was Browsing a Deviant art account of someone who rip game assets for modding and decided to see if I could convert this amazing looking outfit. Except for a weird texture bug I struggled with for a few hours, everything went pretty well and fast to fit it. Which is surprising since It also came with only one texture file which made things faster. When I started fitting it, I didn't even know what it was from, and I didn't care very much either. I think it's pretty and this is more than enough for me.
Seth have a similar body as TGND she's just a bit smaller so I had to stretch her top a little. But everything was almost fitting perfectly already. The hardest part was definitely fitting her left hand glove to the actual hand. Fingers still clip through it a little in some pose, but unless you zoom on your hands, it isn't really noticable.
Even though I used TGND for it, you wont need to install it, all you need is an HGEC compatible texture.

I placed it in a sack in Testing Hall. See the image:

There shouldn't be any clipping other than on some of fingers like I said above, at least I didn't noticed any. Her undies are pretty ugly and really don't seem to be comfortable. If you expected something sexy upskirt, you'll be disapointed hehe. But if you want, you can change them to something else with nifskope. You'll need panties that fit TGND lower body though.

You can download it here: SethBalmoreOutfit.7z

Hope you enjoy.

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