Monday, 31 October 2011

Chantry Outift

A small port I've made two days ago.

This was a pretty easy "fit" since it doesn't really have anything to fit other than placing arms and fingers in the good position. I had problem with the fingers on it when I first tried with bone weight copy script though. It created webbed hands in game, which looked horrible. When I decided to manually weight paint each fingers by myself, everything was looking fine. I think maybe legs are shorter on DA models than they are in Oblivion. Or maybe the knee armor pieces create this illusion but it looks weird sometime when walking or running. Almost like if your character was constipated. Other than that, I find it pretty nice.

I've added it in a chest in Skingrad Chapel:

I used Arena Champion light armor as a template for stats and enchantments because I never know what to put on armors. I also left Arena script on it which I think let you use it during Arena matches.

Download: ChantrySeeker.7z


  1. Thank you, beautiful armor!
    Sincerely, Gwanuneg ^_^

  2. GUh. GRABBY HANDS. Why do I only stumble over this NOW O_o

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  4. Lovley armor, but the link seems to be dead... Does anyone have another?

    PS - This link is also down...

  5. sadly many of these links are broken through the whole blog. is there a chance to update them? and I'd also like permission to port/convert them for skyrim se with your permission. especially ones like this. ty!