Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sheva's Fairytale

Sheva's fairytale is probably the most problematic thing I've every worked on for Oblivion so far. I tried so many things with the cape. If it wasn't stretching weirdly, it was staying straight independent of the arms or the rest of the body. I tried to paint it manually, which was disastrous. This was my first conversion from another game and I now realize that this isn't the easiest one either. Not only for the cape but also because of the insane amount of alpha (oblivion hate alpha) and the skirt being easily destroyed when weighted to the legs.

Many people asked for a release even if it was broken. I hate myself for this because I feel really bad for releasing something broken. Recently a friend who is working on converting stuff for Fallout was pointing at the cape on one of his conversion, I realized that it behave the same way as the one of Sheva. It made me feel relieved. This guy, who do awesome conversions, had same problem as I do. For the first time since I work on this outfit I felt like it was maybe not my fault after all if that annoying cape didn't work. Despite the few bug with it, I think it looks pretty good. Maybe not as a main outfit to play, but it certainly can be used for screenshooting and or maybe even doing mashup. The texture are also very nice and I even plan to use part of them for other things later.

I know that there are awesomely talented people out there that could have done much better then what I did with this outfit and also probably much faster. By all mean, If you want to fix this for yourself or whatever, please do. All I could and would  ask in return is the knowledge! Tell me how you fixed it please.

Funfact: Sheva have no panties.
So I added some of Tona's panties to it.

Do what ever you want with this outfit. I hope you will still enjoy it, even if broken.

You will have to create an esp as I only added the resources.
Download: ShevaFT.7z


  1. Thanks for your work with all this mods.
    What about real high heels version of this?

  2. I got this working a long time ago for fallout 3 before new vegas came out, think there might still be a screenshot on fallout3underground of my char in it... short bushy skirts like that - don't weight them to the legs, do pelvis and spine only. for the cloak, I think I rigged the outer areas to spine2 and clavicles /upperarms, but it had a very small glitch on some poses.

  3. Oh, and the model I ripped myself had a small pair of shorts under the skirt, maybe your rip had those missing.

  4. Fairytale outfit was requested by someone who sent me a deviantart page with it. This was my very first port from another game, I realize I should have started with something easier but at the same time, I wouldn't have learned as much as I did with this outfit.

    I still have problem with complex weight painting but I'm learning and starting to get the hang of it.

    I'll maybe go back to work on it eventually. I could give a try on weighting her cape myself instead of using the script.
    If I do go back to it, I'll also look into real high heels.

  5. pretty amazing for a first port still :)

  6. Thanks very much for work, I adore this outfit!
    Sincerely, Gwanuneg ^_^