Thursday, 8 March 2012

Dragonborn Monk outfit

I wanted to make a monk hand to hand character and when looking for some outfit I found this. It uses vanilla model with custom textures and look pretty much like what I was looking for. Unfortunately, there was no female version so I decided to make my own. Making the outfit outfit wasn't much of an issue. I reduced breast size a bit to fit with the body I use and raised lower part of the pants a bit. I wanted to add a bra to it because this outfit was made for vanilla and they have one by default. I wanted something more sporty so I took one of Ryk's swimsuit, cut some parts of it to make it fit between body and outfit and recolored it black.

My idea was to keep the gauntlets that came with the original mod, which are retextured Draugr gauntlets. When I first worked on this outfit, the only way I knew to import a skeleton into Blender was to use one from similar armor. What I didn't know though is that, contrary to Oblivion and Fallout, male and female have different skeleton this time. When I exported male gauntlet on female model with skeleton coming from original gauntlets. Of course it wasn't working so I decided to extract female version of Draugr and retexture them. Sadly it didn't look very good either but I kept it that way for a while. When doing pajamas I learned how to use real skeleton to export so I came back to this outfit to finally fix gauntlets. I already had them in the right position from previous attempt so it was just needing to be weighted and exported with female skeleton. Result is pretty good but for some reason one of the hand still clip through it a bit when in first person.

To use this mod you will need the original found here. I didn't make those textures so I didn't add them to my version. I fixed a few things such as broken file directory. I also added ground items and created a standalone version of the footwraps.

To install, extract the content of the archive over original mod and replace every files when asked. Activate the dragonborngarb.esp

Use the additem console command to create them.
The right footwraps when using help command are the one with separated names "Foot Wraps"

Foot Wraps - xx00156B
Bushido Gauntlets - xx001005
Garb of the Dragonborn - xx001000

Download: DragonbornMonk.7z

Make sure to give Kudos to sasquatcho and endorse his mod if you love it.
Part of the credit also go to Ryk:

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