Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Two small items

Here are two more headgear inspired from Ragnarok online.
First one is Green Feelers that droped from Rockers in RO. I'm not very good at 3d modeling, but this was something very easy to do. I also got to experiment with bezier curves and curve modifier which is a good thing.  There's nothing much I can say about this other than like in RO, it does nothing special. You can always enchant it though if you want.

To get them in game, use the console and type help "Green Feelers" 4  and use additem command.

Green Feelers: xx000D63

Download the file here: Greenfeelers.7z

I also made a Romantic flower. This one is also made by me in Blender.  I must say I didn't thought it would look good at all. I'm not good at texturing or modeling but since I wasn't going for realism, I think it looks pretty good. I use it on my Breton mage every since I created it.

Because we can change our mouth, nose and mouth height in character creator, making items for those part is a bit problematic and may not fit on certain settings. I don't think there's a way to make them auto ajust to face asset position.  If the flower isn't in you mouth, You'll have to use Nifskope transform option.

To get the item, use console and type help "Romantic flower" 4 and use additem command.

Romantic Flower: xx000D63
You can download it here: RomanticFlower.7z

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