Monday, 9 April 2012

Swords of Urukathek for Skyrim

Here are the swords I ported for Oblivion a few months ago. I was thinking of bringing them into Skyrim along with other Dragon Age swords about three days ago but I started doing something else instead.  Thanks to Eiries friend, I would probably have postponed porting them over and over if he hadn't asked me for them. I didn't really know how to port weapons. I tried once and failed. This time though, I could find a very complete, 4 parts video tutorial made by a German guy from Nexus forums. I followed his video step by step for the first sword and could easily do the second one by myself.

Weapons never been something that interest me very much and I don't know much about them in game either. I never know what stats they should have and I wouldn't had stats myself because i'd probably make them over or underpowered. This is why I though I should just use Daedric weapon as a template for them since this is what I imagine people would use at higher level. Great Urukathek have same stats and crafting/tempering recipe as a Daedric Greatsword and Serpentie Elukana have the same as a Daedric Sword. This time I didn't make a dagger. I think it was unnecessary and the model isn't really fitting to be a dagger.

To make them in game you can craft them the same way you would a daedric weapon. If crafting isn't your thing, you can still use console to create them.
use help urukathek 4 and/or help elukana 4 to find their ID then use additem command.

Great Urukathek:       xx000d64
Serpentine Elukana:   xx000d65

You can download it here: SwordsOfUrukathek.7z

Naturally, All credits goes to CorvaenOboros for creating original model and textures.

Funfact: Daedric greatsword have a HUGE collision box. If you drop it out of your inventory, it might fly away. Same thing happen to Great Urukathek since I used that sword for collision.


  1. Hey man I have all the models from vindictus. Would you be interested in helping me porting them into skyrim?

  2. I think it looks pretty dang beautiful!
    And based from the vanilla movement for the greatswords, it fits too!

    Are you sure weapons are not something that interest you..?
    Because these are great choices to be ported over y'know ^_^