Sunday, 31 July 2011


Sometime when I play Oblivion, I get to a place and I just feel like I don't want to leave it. As if the game suddenly become less important than that particular place. I'm currently playing with Unique Landscape Compilation for the first time and this now happen almost every time I play the game.

With OBGEv3, it makes everything even better. Before that I had to imagine how it could look after going through Photoshop. Now I have it look good directly.

When taking screenshot of their characters, most people just do take a screenshot of their characters. While I do that sometime too, I love making scene with them.

This is around Jone Stone when I was traveling from Chorol to Skingrad. As you can see the weather was cloudy and bright. It was around 1PM if I remember. I used the console command TLV to remove leaves.

A few days later, I was around Skingrad for the Mage's guild. I had to go meet the Count. I took one screenshot inside the castle hall, and the rest around the Wayshrine of Arkay.

Here are a few more screenshots. Those had more emphasis on the characters than the environment.

Right now I'm working a bit in blender, so I don't play very much. I'll take more when I play.

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