Monday, 30 September 2013

Geta for HDT HighHeels System

I don't remember what I was doing but it ended with something looking like getas. There was HighHeel system on Nexus hot file so I decided to continue with this model and try it out.
I made them for UNP and CBBE at first because even If I used UNP, I know a lot of people also uses CBBE. I decided to make them for Dream Girl body too earlier today because this is the body I'm currently using and their ankles don't fit with UNP or CBBE.
I tried making them for male. I tried for about 1 hour to make weight slider work but it never did. I tried weighting them with different body and export with different skeleton but no matter what, every time I would put weight to max, it was still showing smallest feet. So I decided not to include them.
I Added a version for Better Male to each of the files. I think the reason I couldn't get them to work before was because I used a bad skeleton for exporting.
Someone on Nexus noted that they were Light Armor. They're supposed to be clothing but I might have changed them by mistake. They are now clothing and I also reduced their weight to 1.
I also added a pair in Delphine's room in the Giant Sleeping Inn of Riverwood for people who didn't want to use the console. They also have a much better collision when dropped too.

You can get the file on Nexus:
MEGA's Mirror: Geta - CBBE  -  Geta - DreamGirl  -  Geta - UNP

You will need HDT HighHeel System installed or they will be half underground.

To get the item in game, open console and type help geta
Then use additem command with the ID

Geta - XX000d63

Model and textures were made by me so feel free to use them for whatever you want. Just give credit if you do please.