Monday, 8 August 2011


My favorite witch dress is definitely the Demiwitch found in Desuchan's store Abbotsford. But, while it looks good, I didn't think the cross necklace was "witchy" enough.

So in my process of learning more of Blender, I decided to try to make a pentagram to replace the cross. I cannot say it was very hard or long to make but I learned a bit more about Blender while doing it and this is what count the most to me.

When I was putting it in place on the dress and adjusting its size, I had to modify the chain to which it is attached. I exported the full necklace to then transfer it to the outfit. Even if it is only a very simple pentagram with very basic textures, I decided to also make a standalone necklace with it. I packed the nif and textures and put it in a small jewelry box in the Arcane University tower hall.

You can get it here:


If you want the Demiwitch dress with the pentagram, you can download it here: Pentagram_DesuchanDemiwitch.7z Just instal it over Desuchan's Abbotsford.

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