Thursday, 18 August 2011

Sylvari Head06 (EDIT)

Two days Ago I decided to try out what would my sylvari look with head06. It all started because of these screenshot I had taken.

I felt her chin was too wide, even though it's very thin. So i decided to spend some time trying out Head06 since I kinda love that head.
Her facegen worked surprisingly well even if she looked a bit derpy at first; but it was nothing that couldn't be fixed.

This is how derpy she looked when I first got in game with the texture scaled to head06.

I edited her a bit in the menu and got something better. Her eyes still seemed too high despite the slider being set at the lowest and I feel that she looked older than usual.

I imported her face into a, esp to edit her in the CS since it gives a lot more control on the sliders. I needed to fix her cheeks and her eyes. But the problem with the CS is that it is so easy to make monsters and I always end up doing atrocities such as this.

Anyway, I managed to get something pretty good but her blush and eye brow were too high . I edited them down and I finally, I think got something that looked very nice. I spent the rest of the day trying to fix the little dots under her eyes. They are still not perfect because I have a lot of trouble working with UV.

For some reason her head texture seems to be a different color that it was with the other head. I don't know why. I will try some other setting and update if it works. If not, It is still not so bad. She doesn't have a blank EGT, so maybe adding one would help.
I packaged her with an Esp that should overwrite the other one. Since I was In Shivering Island when I tested her, I was fighting gnarls and I thought it would be a good idea of creating her a summon gnarl spell. She's High level in my game so it may be overpowered for lower level though. The skill is beginner conjuration and cost 110 magicka. To get the spell, You have to install the ESP that is in the shivering island folder and of course, you requires Shivering Island for it.

You can download it here:

I've included a save file if you want to copy her face. It is the face as seen on the last screenshots.

EDIT: I just rebuilt my bashed patch and the race didn't work anymore. My body was the default color and i didn't have a head. So If you use wrye bash, don't rebuild your patch for now. I will try to find why it delete the race info. Sorry.
EDIT 2: It appears that only the esp for Shivering Island is causing a problem. I still cannot find what the problem is with it. At least the other esp works. The only difference between both is that the shivering island one add a racial spell so until I find what is happening with the SI one, I suggest you only use the other one.

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