Thursday, 4 August 2011

Twig Horns

Yesterday I was making a sylvari and decided to play with the tone slider to see what it would looks like. It happened to look very good. But it was missing something.
when I fist made the race, I wanted to give her horns or antlers, but I couldn't find any good one. But As i was browsing my mesh folder, I found a branch or it was a root I don't remember. I decided to try to make horns with it.

I like the result so I decided to share it.

Note though that I still have a problem exporting meshes that goes on the head. There's a detail that I must not be aware of and everytime I do Transform>apply to it in nifskope, it become invisible in game. Anyway, They work in game on normal sized heads. So it's not much of a problem.

This is only a nif file, so you will need to create the item yourself in the CS.
It requires shivering Island for the textures.

you can get them here:

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