Monday, 22 August 2011

Sheva Fairytale Update

I am still working on Sheva Fairytale outfit in spare time but it is starting to giving me headache. The problem is with the weighting of the cape. Well, no so much the weighting it self as its behaviour in game. The skirt is also a bit problematic. It stretch if I weight it to the legs, which make it look horrible, but if i don't, legs go through it whenever I go in stealth.
I thought about ditching the cape and hood all together, but they are a full part of this outfit. without it, it wont look the same anymore. So maybe I will leave it but make it a separated item so it can be equipped or not. Currently the cape looks very good with stretched arms, but it clip when in other positions and having your arms stretched out basically never happen unless you use a pose that do it.

I'm still trying to find way of making it works. I would love to remake the cape entirely to make it look good in game, but I don't know how to make such model. I could also modify another cape instead since this is something I'm able to do. But then it wouldn't be original anymore either. I realize that this is a game rip and it will never look perfect, but I would like to make it seem at least semi good.

Here's some screenshots I took of it.

Here we can see how the skirt clip through the leg. While on this shot it is not so much apparent, when going in stealth position it is bad. This is because the skirt is weighted on the upper body instead of the lower or the full body. I'd still want to try to manually paint it to lower body but I just learned the weight painting less than a week ago. I still don't know much about this tool and I currently have a very hard time doing anything good with it.

This is the back of the cape. As you can see, it fold together which was to be expected. It actually doesn't look so bad when you stay in standing position. But when the arms moves, like in combat, some part of it fold right into the body and then clip with each other.

The worst part of the cape is the front and this is what I am currently struggling with. I think there's just too much material for oblivion to handle properly. I tried to weight it differently, This is where I played the most with weight painting with sometime disastrous result but most of the time though, nothing changed, it folded like in the above image.

Other than that It looks pretty good so far, and much better than what I had expected when I first tried working with it, but I don't think it look good enough for to be playable right now.

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